The family fun place to be is Indian Brook Trout Farm





The Trading Post houses the bakery, gift shop and restaurant.






The Hatchery where we raise over 1,000,000 'eyed eggs' every year.





 We're hatching 100,000 eggs every month through out the year.  It's really something to see.












Indian Brook Trout Farm welcomes you to our farm and ponds.  While at the farm you can catch a rainbow trout, pick out a pumpkin, feed the animals and take a scenic wagon ride around the 120 acre farm.  Two major waterways run through the farm so you can always hear the relaxing sound of flowing water.  Artesian wells supply the pure water for the ponds where the trout are kept after leaving the Hatchery.  In fact, water power is what runs the ponds and the Hatchery, not electricity!  You can also visit the Hatchery where the eggs are kept.  Then go out to the ponds and catch your very own trout for your dinner.  We are an aquaculture, agriculture and educational facility.


Trout are for sale year round. You can order trout field dressed, single fillets, or butterfly fillets. We will customize your order to your size preference. We supply grocery stores, restaurants, seafood markets, and the general public. Smoked trout are also available with a one week notice. We accept orders ranging from 5lbs to 1000lbs seven days a week. For prompt service please call Owen at 734-368-0613. Our fish are always guarenteed to be fresh, never frozen, and harvested less than 24hrs before delivery.


In addition to raising trout we also raise pumpkins for the fall.  You can take the wagon ride to our pumpkin patch and see the hundreds of pumpkins we have grown.  We have pre-picked pumpkins that will be perfect for your home decorating projects.  Our pumpkins range from 2 to 200 pounds and we have 12 different varieties.  We used to grow 'em bigger, but our backs were giving out when we loaded 'em up! We also have gourds, corn stalks and hay bales for your decorating needs.


Tours are a special part of our business, but you don't need a group to visit. 


C'mon out and see us.  Bring your family and friends.  Greet old friends, meet new friends and create Happy Memories at Indian Brook Trout Farm. 











Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.  We are sure you will find just that perfect one.



September and October fishing is open to the public on weekends.  Pre-registered groups of 30 or more all week. 

Remember you might catch that big one for your dinner. 

No fishing license required

Bait and poles provided

No limit on number of Trout caught

Call for hours and pricing


E-mail   owenatscf@gmail.com

5883 W. Michigan Ave.

Jackson, Michigan 49201


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E-mail   owenatscf@gmail.com

fingerling building







Production pond











Healthy fast growing rainbow trout
Beautiful color
Its all about the water. Clean cold artesian wells provide millions of gallons of 50 degree water year round