Now Featuring Fresh Lake Huron WhiteFish

We have partnered with a local Lake Huron whitefisherman SERAFIN FISHERY to offer our customers the same super fresh, never frozen, high quality fish that you expect from Indian Brook Trout Farm. Processed within hours of harvest in our own licensed processing facility in Jackson County, MI. These whitefish are ready for delivery in less than 24 hours after harvest. Filleted and pin-boned on our Pisces equipment. We challange you to find any better whitefish ready for the table. Available filleted or whole gilled and gutted.



We meet the fleet on arrival back to port and transfer the catch to our waiting truck. These whitefish where harvested just minutes ago.

Port is just a few yards from Lake Huron.

5883 W. Michigan Ave.

Jackson, Michigan 49201


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Healthy fast growing rainbow trout
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Its all about the water. Clean cold artesian wells provide millions of gallons of 50 degree water year round